The Benetar

The Benatar is a horizontaly mounted wall bed.

Available Sizes

Single (Standard Length)

3/4 (Standard Length)

Double (Standard Length)

Queen (Standard Length)

Extra length models available upon request

Build and Materials

High quality melamine faced board available in a range of colours and textures.

Bed frame is manufactured using a light weight, high tensile carbon steel.

All steel items are powder coated with hammered grey finish.

All fasteners are cadmium or zinc plated.

Melawood Colour Range
Novolam Colour Range

Standard Features

Counter balancing gas lifts to carry the bulk of the weight for ease of operation.

Rubber extrusions bonded to the support legs to prevent floor damage.

Crossbar mounted between support legs to hold the mattress in place when bed is closed.

Accommodation has been made for downlight fitment.

The Benetar > Wall Bed

The Benetar is a simplistic model, available in single, 3/4, double and queen sizes. This product has been developed to solve modern home space constraints focusing on practicality and cost effectiveness with an aesthetically simple yet visually appealing design. The Benatar will fit perfectly in most South African homes, enabling overhead storage space and featuring weight countering pneumatic gas lifts to ensure effortless operation.

  • The mattress is not included in standard price, we can supply mattresses at very competitive prices and great quality.
  • The unit is designed to accommodate the STANDARD bed sizes available in South Africa.
  • The unit is designed to accommodate a mattress thickness up to 250mm.
  • Delivery and fitment will be included on quotation.
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